The Intellectual Yet Idiot

If you don’t read anything – read this today. A true Taleb and its true, many of todays societal ills go back to the notion that we have no skin in the game. Decisionmakers never roast for the shit they do or heap upon us. They take comfortable retirements when things fall apart knowing that the stupid people were just too dumb to see the grand wisdom of his actions. Same is true in todays Climate Craze and green madness. What we do now will become so unaffordable that the people will take to the street and ask for guillotines to be undusted. And then the IYI will find plenty of reasons why its not his fault.

What we have been seeing worldwide, from India to the UK to the US, is the rebellion against the inner circle of no-skin-in-the-game policymaking “clerks” and journalists-insiders, that class of paternalistic semi-intellectual experts with some Ivy league, Oxford-Cambridge, or similar label-driven education who are telling the rest of us 1) what to do, 2) what to eat, 3) how to speak, 4) how to think… and 5) who to vote for.

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