Myths And Shibboleths About Electric Vehicles: The Long Tailpipe Theory

Wow, the author just called all of idiots and he is the only one who knows. He accused people that are manifestly not on the payroll of oil and gas biased and he himself is a consultant who makes a living by promoting exactly those technologies that he describes as superior. And to top it all he provides zero evidence of the claims he makes while he does exactly what he accuses legions of others of – making baseless claims. There is a long tailpipe on EV’s and we better face it. Even renewable electricity is not clean (hydro being bio-digesters, wind and solar need fossil backup and batteries being ultra resource hungry). I am not opposed to EV’s but the current hype has the dimensions of a witchhunt. When will people be burnt on the stake? Not something I want to see for sure.

One of the most frequent comments spouted by critics of electric vehicles is “the electricity they use is produced by fossil fuels, so actually they’re more polluting than petrol or diesel vehicles.”

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