The Past and Future of Electric Cars

Yeah, Electric Cars are here to stay. And as they have become slightly more mainstream, we will see them in more common situations and how they perform there. The Lithium Ion battery is an unstable beast. Everyone who has a smartphone knows. They can explode and thats no fun to be nearby. When EV’s explode, people die and this has happened many times by now. It will become an even more frequent occurrence. Just imagine a battery powered truck blows up in a tunnel. The toxic fumes will kill many. Thats will be the day when electric vehicles are banned from any tunnels. And there is more where that comes from. Reality is a beast to haggle with.

The future is electric. Sales of electric vehicles jumped by 37 percent in the United States in 2016, while analysts say that globally, electric cars will make up at least half of all new-vehicle sales by 2040.

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