The Truth About These Climate Change Numbers

The moonshot – and I literally mean Kennedy’s moonshot – was a vanity program that had cost the US taxpayer a pretty penny but if it had not succeeded, there would only have been price and a big bill to account for. It never threatened ordinary people in their quest to make a decent living. The current Climate Change and the associated technologies (most notable renewables and Electric Vehicles) create a situation that threatens to burden all of us with a situation that we cannot bear financially. At least, 2 thirds of the population could not live on the way they lived so far. Average people would impoverish significantly, the poor would become even remoter from anything resembling a way out of their misery and developing countries would get stuck in energy poverty indefinitely as contrary to what the pundits say, all those things are way more expensive than they claim they are. And it’s filtering through. Record energy prices, record taxes, states milking their taxpayer base for what they can, record debt in order to keep the bubble afloat, … The list is endless. And who says that Climate Change could not be a good thing? We are living in a comparatively cold period and we suffer from carbon drought. Maybe more carbon is what we need to survive. Maybe Climate Alarmists are the real agents of doom.

It’s often argued that climate change is not a technological or engineering problem, it is a political problem. And it’s true. We have all the technology we need to power the world with renewables and stave off the worst of climate chaos. What we lack is the political will to take the kind of moonshot-scale action necessary to accomplish it.

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