The World’s Most Insane Energy Project Moves Ahead

“the US is the most notorious climate criminal in the world” – wow, that’s a statement from a magazine that’s apparently totally blind to China which has publicly stated that it will rely on coal for its main energy needs until at least 2050. This comes from a nation that consumes half of all the coal the planet produces. All the Alarmist community is apparently not concerned about this. But if CO2 will kill this planet, does it matter where the CO2 molecules come from? Is Chinese CO2 warming the planet less than ZS CO2 which is, by the way, decreasing while Chinas CO2 output still grows at breakneck speed? Either the Alarmist community goes to China and glues their body parts on the doors of the Chinese Communist Party headquarters or they are simply cowardly liars.

Thanks to President Trump and his transparent and perverse desire to enrich his golfing buddies in the fossil fuel industry and to accelerate the climate crisis, the U.S. is the most notorious climate criminal in the world right now. But the Aussies are giving us a run for our money.

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