The World Should Follow The U.S. Energy Model

If only the US would develop a working ans sensible nuclear policy, they really would be a model to be replicated. I know that lots of greenies will be on my back for this but fracking is far less dangerous than claimed by them. The world needs economical energy or its back into caves while the majority of humans will have to perish. The planet can simply not bear the number of humans we have now and still claim that we wont change it. This planet is not pristine, and it will never be again.

Bolstered by natural gas and innovation, the U.S. has proven that you can reduce emissions without sacrificing affordable energy. We have a road map to success, and we have forged a path for others to follow. As world leaders meet this week in search of a plan, we offer our experiences as a way for us all to build on this progress.

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