UK government sets out plans for ‘biggest nuclear power expansion in 70 years’

Great – I like nuclear. Two problems. First: nuclear is a long shot. The odds of Sunak being in power when a possible first new reactor could go online are incredibly low. Even King Charles might not see it happening during his reign. This means that whatever decision might be taken now (and I am not holding my breath) this is not going to solve anything in the short or mid-term. Not even the moderately long-term. Second: Nuclear is beset by mountains of regulation. Some of it makes a lot of sense. We don’t want nuclear accidents in the end but neither do we want Electric Vehicles fires in the immediate vicinity so there must be a golden cut. I am sure that 20% of the regulation does the job and 80% is ballast. Identify and throw out what’s only money-making for consultants. Again – I am not holding my breath. 

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