UN Special Report Confirms Urgent Need To Reduce Methane Emissions

Methane does belong in a vehicle tank, not in the atmosphere. If the leakage of 1 mt per day of human-induced methane is correct, we could power the entire shipping world with this methane. So this has a market value too. Proper incentives are needed. One tool could be “use it or lose it”. If the owner of a known methane source does not take action, he must allow others to use it for a nominal fee. Nobody wants 3rd party boots on his property so this is going to incentivize quite a few of them.

The latest UN IPCC report makes it crystal clear that carbon dioxide (CO2) is not the only pollutant that matters for limiting future warming. Deep reductions in emissions of non-CO2 pollutants, particularly methane (CH4), are essential to staying below temperature targets, and have the added benefits of improving public health, food security, and ecosystems.

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