Venezuela, China, Russia – Oh My

Both Russia and China have bought themselves a hell of a problem with Venezuela. Yes, it’s southing for the national pride of Russia to see Russian bombers land in the Americas. It might provide Chinese leaders with a short term satisfaction to be in Americas face when they try to replace US companies but all this comes at a price. It’s one thing to show presence in a country that’s bordering your own or that’s not on the other side of the world. But Venezuela is a bottomless pit with no hope of recovery. Even if everything would be made the right way there from now on, it will take decades to repair the damage done by the Socialists. If I am the Argentinian president Macri, all I do is point to Venezuela and ask Argentinians before the polls if this is what they want. Fixing the mess Communists leave in their wake takes a long, long time. Central Europe got rid of the Communists 30 years ago – but you can still see the scar that runs through the continent.

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