Why Automakers and Dealers Shoot Themselves in the Foot over Electric Cars

Much the same problem exists for methane fueled vehicles. Except that methane is not sexy as EV’s currently are, and those vehicles also don’t have their own showrooms. Who to blame? YES, it’s the methane industry itself. Not only do we need someone like Elon Musk who will make methane sexy, we first of all need to be less shy about the advantages of methane for everyone. Methane fueled vehicles can be cleaner than a Tesla, and for the heavy transport segment they may be the only realistic solution.

In the late 1990s, General Motors leased, and then promptly took back and crushed all of its electric EV1 vehicles (of Who Killed the Electric Car? movie fame). The cars were just one example of how big auto has historically launched alternative car models to meet state regulations, and then let them die on the vine (or actually killed them).

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