The Dirtiest Part of Cleanest Fossil Fuel Is Price

We got something real wrong here. Methane (Natural Gas if you want) should not be wasted by producing power. That should be done by a new generation of nuclear with some help for the renewable guys for their cosmetics. Methane is a premium chemical compound that should go where its needed most – into the tanks of vehicles from city scooters to oceangoing vessels. And the premiums on those markets are just fine.

The upside to global natural gas prices is seen limited as competition with other energy intensifies. Benchmarks in Asia and Europe have soared since mid-2016, leaving buyers in those regions paying triple the rate in the U.S., where prices kept in a much narrower range. While that’s been good for the profits of big producers from Gazprom PJSC to Qatar Petroleum, it left users hesitant to boost use of the cleanest fossil fuel.

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