In Austria, the Greens staged a comeback from a deadly blow they got at the last National Election. I have debated quite a number of those radicals and was in some uncomfortable situations already as many of them don’t have a problem with getting physical if they don’t like your point of view. Funny feeling when you are suddenly flanked by two big guys with grim eyes and long beards. But more than anything, this is a fad. Politics is perceived as all filthy so the young run for those they perceive as a bit less so. It all changes when some Green big names fall from the pedestal they have been hoisted upon. We had those falling from grace here in Austria and in the Green party. There will be more of it and the wheel takes another spin as it must. Fads come and go – but the cost of green policies remains with us. Let them mature and start paying what they campaigned for. Most peoples beliefs don’t survive this test.

I wrote these sentences not one or two years ago, but in 1995, 24 years ago (!), in my book “Where is our Republic drifting?” In this book, I tried to predict longer-term trajectories of political developments in the German Federal Republic

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