After Pollution Crisis, Puerto Rico To Eliminate All Coal Power Next Year

Coal ash is a problem and there are better ways to handle it than the way its done in Puerto Rico. But those islanders go from the frying pan straight into the fire when they go for 100% renewables as it will overburden this financially broke territory beyond what they are able to bear. What will happen when their lofty goal reveal their price tag, and they see they cannot carry it – their worst practices will come back to poison their lives. And the more realistic clean option, methane, will have been wasted. Those folks need to stop thinking with their guts and start using their heads.

The island of Puerto Rico will end all coal-based power generation in 2020 , with Governor Ricardo Rosselló committing to a rapid transition to renewable energy. The announcement comes less that two weeks after the Puerto Rico Energy Public Policy Act (PS 1121) was approved by the Puerto Rican Senate. 

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