Unreliable Nature Of Solar And Wind Makes Electricity More Expensive, New Study Finds

I am just flabbergasted. How do we need a study for that? Every country that has put its money massively on renewable energy has sky-high electricity prices. Every single windfarm and solar installation that is put off subsidies instantly shrivels and dies where gas planets thrive without subsidies. I don’t need a doctorate in anything in order to see those things. It’s a huge money game – now we have the study and what will happen. The environmentalists will produce 15 other studies that find the opposite. As usual, they will lie, ick and scream in order to get their way. No study is going to change that. But take peoples electricity away through a failing grid and still, make them pay those high prices. That might well change something.

Solar panels and wind turbines are making electricity significantly more expensive, a major new study by a team of economists from the University of Chicago finds.

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