Climate change is ‘speeding up’ – Attenborough

Wow, one more rich old guy who had it all, enjoyed a life in luxury and fineries, traveled extensively, did all the stuff Climate Warriors detest so much today to a degree that few others ever can and now he tells those not as well off as he is that they better remain poor and in misery forever as supposedly this planet can’t take it. Is this the king of all hypocrites? Should we put him on a pedestal with Blow-it-up Arnold and the arrogant boy-king Leonardo or an ex-VP turned greenwash billionaire who are all jet setting emitting more carbon in a day than an average person in a year while lecturing us on why everyone should stay poor and in misery. Marie Antoinette, the French queen also said that poor shall eat cake if there is not bread before the revolution swept France.

Sir David Attenborough has told a meeting of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee that climate change is “speeding up”.

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