China has slashed clean energy funding by 39%, leading a global decline

What might a possible plan by China have looked like? The West is crazy on RE. It does not make a lot of economic sense but if those westerners want it, we should produce it. Let’s produce so much of it that it crashes prices and our competitors outside China go bankrupt and once that has happened, we are going to make a killing as the only producers of such equipment anywhere. But that’s an investment as in order to crash the market first, you need to cover the costs you have and cannot recoup through sales. This means the internal market needs to be leveraged. But that costs even more money – plus it messes with electricity supply as this is not like to hook up and play stuff we are used to. China finds out that its RE gamble likely backfired and now they limit their losses. Side effect – the ost gains RE enthusiasts like to point it go with the wind.


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