Israel’s Natural Gas Discoveries Are Bridging Political Divides And Are Forging Economic Ties

Israel should do the smart thing and start gasifying its economy. Replacing oil with gas in heavy transport would reduce Israels dependence on oil imports, thus improve its security situation and clean up their air. And it could be done relatively easily. There is little cross border traffic – most vehicles remain in Israel for their lifetime so the network of fueling stations required would be limited. Exports should only go to close neighbors in order to cement ties with them. This is a great chance for Israel. It could be a very different country in just 10 years.

Even more natural gas has been found off Israel’s coastline, which may help shift the global energy paradigm. Greek oil and gas developer Energean has discovered what it says is between 28-42 billion cubic meters of natural gas, all on top of the 67 billion cubic meters that it has already located.

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