Electric Cars: Why Little Norway Leads The World In EV Usage

Norway plays the poster child of the EV tribe by using cash it gets from selling oil and gas. Imagine this cash would not be there. they could not afford to pamper their well to do with all those gifts and goodies but the chicken will eventually come home to roost as Norwegians have not taken into account a well known human habit. Balloons inflate and at a certain point, they are past their sustainable size. No matter how much money is there, wasteful schemes of throwing lots of money after toy-boys and girls and their fancy cars will use it up and politicians will not hesitate to kick the bottom out of the barrel just in order to please their glitzy voters. Until it starts to show big time. And when Norway is forced to cut back on its largesse and – God forbid – raise taxes on EV’s as well, sales of EV’s will plummet to zero faster than you can count the horns on a Vikings helmet.

Almost 60% of new cars sold in Norway during March 2019 were entirely electric-powered. It’s the latest record-breaking statistic involving Norway and electric vehicle (EV) records as the Scandinavian nation looks to stop sales of fossil fueled cars by 2025.

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