Are Solar Panels Really Black? And What Does That Have to Do With the Climate Debate?

Its the same with wind turbines which disturb air flow close to the soil to the point that warmer air gets moved into upper layers of the atmosphere compounding that warming effect. Looks like solar arrays and wind turbines cause more warming than fossil fuels. How about that? Will anyone push that towards the public? I doubt so. Yesterday I saw a discussion between the 6 leading contenders in today’s European elections. When they were asked about their position on climate change none of them asked an even slightly critical question. I think we are off mainstream here as all over Europe Climate Sceptic parties go from one win to the next. Austria is still an island of the brainwashed.

One of the saddest things for me about climate science is how political it has become. Science works by having an open dialog that ultimately converges on the truth, for the common benefit of everyone. Most scientific fields enjoy this free flow of ideas.

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