Building equitable circular societies

When I was a boy, I liked to imagine a perfect world. I was always a history buff and I particularly liked the history of the Western Roman Empire. Back then, I was not enough of a historian to understand the drivers of societal change in the Roman Empire correctly but I liked the idea of putting order where there was chaos. I would have loved for Rome to conquer the world and bring peace and harmony to it. Seen from todays vantage point, this looks like a nightmare to me. Perfect societies are tyrannical in nature – anything that’s really good for the people is by nature chaotic. Because your perfect order is my prison – and my perfect order is your prison. I still like some mental masturbation from time to time but today, I imagine what the one thing we really need in spades can do to society – freedom. The rest is mere tools.

Our world appears more chaotic than ever, yet from chaos come the best innovations. Three such innovative concepts were born out of our crisis: the Circular Economy, the Blockchain and the Ex’Tax Project.

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