EUROPE: 100% renewable energy is more cost effective than the current energy system

Has anyone peer reviewed this? Another study that produces a mathematical model as proof – never mind that those things have never worked on a much smaller scale and also that the end of subsidies also means the end of economic life for most RE operators. Let’s also not forget that not being charged for the vast increase in network capabilities costing 100s of billions is never factored in and also not perceived as a subsidy. But it is. We should really have some beacon cities – those that want to lead the pack and let them build it out at their dime. It’s not the entire country that should bear the burden but only the city in question and let’s see then how that works out. I would assume that a climate skeptic party will be in political power in short order. Reality is no mathematical model.

“100% renewables is not a stupid idea, in fact it’s getting more and more mainstream around the world,” exclaims Hans-Josef Fell, president of Energy Watch Group and father of the German Renewable Energy Sources Act. And how refreshing is it to hear this during this United Nations Climate Conference, where we’ve heard way too much noise coming from the fossil fuel and nuclear lobbies.

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