Pricing carbon is essential but inadequate

We need some model regions/countries going for the full Monty and watch them. Plus we need to make sure they have no possibility for cheating. If they have blackouts or multiples of the prices they have now, they must have the opportunity to sample those feelings without any distraction like fossil backup power. I expect the first regions, states, countries going for even harsher regimes than now to have electoral reversals in the future which will bring politicians to power that won’t be afraid to do what they need in order to survive – throw all this garbage onto the trash heap of history. We really only have one choice – either we adapt to whatever comes or we reduce the population by a factor of 10 as this planet cannot sustain 8 billion envirofreaks.

Carbon pricing is starting to take off globally as a key lever in the fight against global warming. However, it faces political challenges, which means it will be very unlikely to be sufficient by itself.

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