France’s new ‘hottest recorded temperature ever’ is in question – guess where it was measured?

Many temperature measurement stations are strangely in a built-up area which is always warmer than the normal land. I grew up in the countryside and we knew as little kiddies that when we went to the big city there was a good chance we would not see snow in the winter or very little thereof. Vienna was always first to lose its snow cover and was always warmer than its surroundings. Which makes for fake temperatures. How many asphalt highways have there been 100 years ago in order to produce that kind of effect? How does one determine the average temperature? I am not an expert in weather or climatology like most people but like most people, I can understand pretty complex stuff if I want to. EXPLAIN – or get used to me not buying your crap.

‘France has its hottest recorded temperature ever’. But they don’t mention that where it was recorded was next to a concrete drain, and a steel chain mesh fence close to a bitumen (asphalt) highway.

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