The moral case for honest and competent climate science

Not only does this climate scare deny the poorest of this planet the chance for a better life and puts their misery into concrete, but also the less well to do in rich countries will be severely hit. I have no problem believing that an Arnold Schwarzenegger or a Leonardo Di Caprio have no problem to afford a 70,000 EURO Tesla but how will average Joe do this? How can one afford a car that’s suddenly at least double if not more the price he usually paid? How will someone keep heating an apartment when energy is multiples the price? People die every winter because they cannot turn on the heating. Those death are on the global warming fanatics. The majority of the population cannot afford this lifestyle but if at least there would be good reason for all this madness, we would still understand. But there ain’t. We get more and more evidence that all this is one giant fraud that makes us miserable and kills a great many. It’s not only fraud they should be in the docket for, its murder.

My previous posting was published while I was traveling from Scotland, where I had been scrambling up mountains in the freezing sleet, to my fragrant Gloucestershire garden. Therefore, I have not been able to respond to individual commenters as usual. Here, then, is a collective response, beginning with the moral case against climate fraud.

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