PG&E wins court case allowing it to renegotiate $34 billion in renewable energy contracts

I know I have beaten this horse to death and it’s almost a shame that I still have to do this but where is the cheapest energy on the planet now? I mean, the renewable acolytes never tire telling us that their energy is cheaper than anything else and that this is the only power production capacity that should ever be installed again. But if they are so very cheap, how comes that PG&E needs to unload first of all those expensive renewable contracts? If renewable would really be as cheap as their proponents claim, PG&E should try to unload all other contracts and keep all the renewable contracts. But that’s not what they do. Do me a favor – next time one of those renewable types talks about cheap renewable energy, rub this article under his nose. Know what – I know just how they will react. That’s just one more mean spirited ploy by the fossil industry. But here, it’s renewables that look like fossils.

Pacific Gas & Electric has won a huge legal decision from the bankruptcy court agreeing with its position that in can proceed to renegotiate $42 billion dollars in costly energy power purchase contract commitments including many renewable energy contracts.

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