Why Politicians Who Don’t Understand the Science of Global Warming Don’t Need to Act.

Politicians are just blowing smoke in our eyes while they knowingly waste trillions of USD, EURO’s and Yen in order to comply with completely useless targets. Even if all that has been said about Climate Change was true (which it is not) we were in no position to prevent it. So, as we know already now that Trillions won’t even do anything, why spending this money? Because it lines the pockets of lots of people with high stakes in this business? That’s what must be assumed and that’s what really happens. So, either those snake oil salesmen get replaced through the ballot box and we save what we can now or we have the same result for an indescribable pile of debt afterward. Maybe they assume that all is lost anyhow so this further pile won’t change things anymore.

My last article chastised leaders for their apparent inability to understand or even question the evidence that shows CO2 is causing global warming. I can understand the reluctance to express public opinions about such a complex scientific issue, especially coming from the UN and with such universal acceptance. 

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