Greenpeace Co-Founder Tells Congress To Ignore UN’s Latest Extinction Warning

Once upon a time, I worked as the Head of Business Development in a gas trading company. As a direct report to the MD I sat in on a weekly meeting where the leading managers of the company discussed the status of things. At one of those meetings, we were presented a market assessment with lots of linear growth predictions. Of course, in proper bureaucratic fashion, they put in high growth, low growth, and a median scenario. It immediately struck me as foolish so I asked if they had even considered something non-linear or, god forbid, no growth but rather market contraction. You should have seen the looks I got. I hardly need to mention that I was not very popular after this. That was when European gas was still on a drug called “endless growth”. Lots of assumptions and projections in this and it all turned out to be garbage. I am happy Dr. Moore brings a bit of sanity to this madness. Projections and assumptions are opinions, no facts. Time for that to sink in.

Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore will tell House lawmakers an alarming United Nations report on biodiversity is political activism masquerading as credible science, according to written testimony.

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