UCI study blithely calls for $100 trillion shutdown of fossil plants to meet Paris climate goals

The proposals become ever more clear cut and obvious – humankind must prepare for culling 90% of the world population. What do you say? That’s not what those studies suggest? They only say that we must stop everything that keeps nearly 8 billion people on this planet alive and well but there is no word of getting rid of people. Is that true? And how will all those people live? How will their food be produced? How their medics? Where will all this energy needed come from? Do we have space for 8 billion on a Medieval lifestyle and diet? Not the researcher’s problem you say? Then you won’t mind if I disregard those researchers as mean spirited chumps who won’t shy back from any lie and cheat to spread their bile.

The Los Angeles Times cavalierly suggests based upon a UCI study published in the journal Nature that the world needs to retire its fossil fuel plants to meet the Paris Agreement’s politically driven schemes requiring the pipe dream of global abandonment of fossil energy.

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