U.S. media conceal 4.5+ billion tons increase of CO2 by developing nations – push meaningless “sustainability” propaganda agenda

Co2 is only bad for the climate if it has been emitted in a developed country. Why? Because developing countries don’t give a damn about the foibles of some smartphone totting, parent home living youths that want to have a party every Friday. They have much more fundamental problems to grapple with than the self-realization of some candy-girls and daddy-boys. So, developed country CO2 is bad and must be banned – they can pay for extremely overpriced solutions that – are no solutions at all as they don’t work. Make sure the fossil backup is working – we don’t want the Pizza oven to go cold – that’s bad for parties. Oh, and the developing nation CO2 won’t matter much – because this whole Climate Change hysteria is nothing but a giant heist. To separate some rich folks from their cash – the only problem is that there are plenty of “middle-of-he-road” folks in those rich countries and they get crushed.

In the politically contrived climate alarmist propaganda campaign by the U.S mainstream media there is no limit to the degree of distortion, deception and dishonesty employed in attempts to conceal from the public the reality of global energy use and resulting emissions that is underway in the world that clearly demonstrates their propaganda war of alarmism is already lost.

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