NPR Notices Climate Action China are Building a Lot of Coal Plants

Climate Alarmists – you are some real badasses I was told. You block ordinary people in London from their commutes risking arrest with great shots for your Instagram accounts and cools stories to tell how inhumanely you were prevented from watching the latest GOT installment during interrogation at police. I have much better for you. Go to China, go to Beijing and do this there. Protest the ever more coal plants they are building. China puts more cal CO2 into the air than the rest of the world combined. Oh yes, in China you get your butt kicked for real but you are so hard, I am sure you don’t mind as otherwise I would have to call you a miserable bunch of big-mouthed, ball-less hypocrites picking on those that will be nice with you even when you deserve to be showered in pig manure.

While China publicly demands the USA fulfil Obama’s Paris Agreement pledges, and makes a big deal of their conversion to green energy, behind the scenes the Chinese Belt and Road initiative is starting to look like a gigantic coal plant construction exercise.

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