On Eve of EU-US Energy Forum, 200 Groups on Both Sides of the Atlantic Unite in Opposition To Climate-hostile LNG Trade

One thing is certain – the brainfarts of those halfwits will most certainly have a climate impact. Europe and the US would both benefit tremendously from a closer relationship. LNG shipments from the USGC to NWE take about 10 days, more than double that to Asia. In the current trading climate this might well make the difference. Also, Europe needs to learn its new role as the worlds LNG sink. That’s unprecedented, so Europe won’t learn those new tricks in a day. They need time to adapt, and they will except of course if some pea-brains do everything to make energy consumers in Europe miserable by reducing choice. Will Europeans wake up from the self-induced coma?

Today, 200 groups from both sides of the Atlantic released an open letter to EU Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete and U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry, calling on the EU and U.S. administrations to immediately stop the transatlantic trade in fracked hydrocarbons.

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