Is Global Warming an Existential Threat? Probably Not, But Still a Serious Issue.

In all history of mankind, or even of life on Earth, the lifeform that was able to adapt to new circumstances thrived and the one that tried to hang on to the old ways died. That’s true for life and is called evolution today. Life does not want evolution – it wants to go on doing what it has done since the dawn of time. But that would mean that we would not have evolved further than bacteria. Environmental pressures forced them to get better. Same thing for civilization. Look at Ancient Mesopotamian history and you will see the evolution into city-states and empires just to see them crumble when new, more innovative invaders replaced the old Stalwarts. The Bronze Age collapse was a cleanout and turned out to be an evolutionary jump. We will adapt to any change in climate – we have no choice as its planetary forces and not mankind that drives this. And we will all be better for it.

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