Economists Have Been “Useful Idiots” for the Green Socialists

Economists are world champions in clothing everything in gobbledygook in order to give simple things a veneer of academic profoundness. and this economist-speak has allowed radical Greens to foist heavy burdens that no normal citizen would agree to onto the unsuspecting people. Tax is a hard word so we call it a price on carbon. Cost positions with no attachment to the real world are called negative externalities. All done to keep the money machine rolling. We are all useful idiots because we have allowed this to go on for too long while our lives go to the dumpers.

In the old Soviet Union, the Communists allegedly used the term “useful idiot” to describe Westerners whose naïve political views furthered the Soviet agenda, even though these Westerners didn’t realize that they were being exploited in such fashion. 

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