Why Batteries Die

I know those types that note every time when their car is fueled, how much they pay, when it happens, where it happens and the color of the socks they are wearing when they do it. They want their car and their wallet to be in the best possible condition and go the great lengths in order to ensure they get it. And – they are as rare as ice bears in the tropics. They are fringe people – Joe average’s like myself charge when they run low and leave it in until they are reminded that it would be better to unplug which is not often. Our lives consist of things more important than managing battery levels. So, the batteries in our lives get kicked until they make their last grunt long before they possibly could have gone on to live. The beauty with a hydrocarbon fuel is that its way less trouble.

A battery never works better than the very first time you charge it up. It’s in their nature: They store energy for us, but they do so less efficiently each time we recharge them.

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