Behind the Green New Deal: An elite war on the working class

Its not only the Green New Deal, it has started a long time before that. When a country subsidizes Electric Vehicles that an average person will never be able to afford, it shoves money down the insatiable throats of well heeled show-offs in Teslas. Subsidizing solar panels on house roofs subsidizes those which the means to install them – this is not your average house owner who must turn every dime. It’s a war of those with posh lives against the 80%. It’s the elites against flyover country (there is plenty of flyover territory outside the Americas too). And in order to keep the masses in check they need ever stronger doses of doom at the horizon. But the pain mounts and the doom messages get a hollow ring and people will not be fooled forever. This is water on the mills of politicians that will kick this insanity to the pigs. Not because they are morally superior but because they want to save their skins. Lean back and watch.

Tuesday’s 57-0 Senate vote against the Green New Deal, with 43 Democrats voting “present,” shows how Republicans can win on this nutty issue. But their attacks haven’t quite yet hit the bull’s-eye.

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