British FT Admits China is Using Calls for Climate Justice to Advance Their Economy

No crap – who could have guessed? China would use the gullibility of large parts of developed countries populations for their advantage? They would try to send us off the cliff for their advantage? Nooooooo. As much as this hurts large parts of the worlds populations, the Orange man was right to put his finger where it hurts most. A global trading system only works if everyone plays by the same rulebook. Ok, at least a roughly similar one. China calls itself the Kingdom of the middle, the center of the world. I would have no qualms with a strong and open “China first” policy. However, thats not what they do. But this is not a “We against China” call. Its a “Lets wake up” call because if we see things for what they are instead of what we wish them to be, we could not care less about the intentions of others.

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