Can Civilization Survive What’s Coming?

Why is this not shocking me? Oh, I know, I know. Because I have heard the message of doom and gloom countless times before that, and they all were as unfounded as this one is. Humans will not only survive but thrive. The only throttle to our blossoming is those doomsday prophets that for the sake of fat bank accounts predict all kinds of evil. A bit like religions that predicted that we would go to hell if we did not behave well and mostly if we stopped lining the pockets of the prophets. There will always be problems, and there will always be those who find solutions. This one will be no different.

A thousand years from now, when some vaguely human-like machine digs through the ashes of the Twenty-First century and tries to figure out what happened to those once-thriving animals called Homo sapiens, it may be confused about why an intelligent species that could build rockets and write songs like “Imagine” couldn’t heed warnings of its own destruction.

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