Climate Change Divides Europe

Politicians, they know exactly that this lunatic climate scare is just that. They know even better that Renewables and EV’s don’t work as they have to cook the books in order to make the massive subsidies they throw at them disappear. They hope that this house of cards will not collapse during their term in office. After them the deluge. Placate the enviro freaks while doing virtually nothing to change things. We should hold them responsible. There should be long-tail responsibility for politicians for their decision. It should be possible to drag retired politicians back and hold them accountable for the mess they cause – and yes, this involves financial penalties. You say that nobody will want to be a politician anymore if this happens? The bad batch would thin out that’s safe to say but how is that a bad thing?

At the end of June, three people died in France as a heatwave known as the “Sahara Plume” brought exceptionally high temperatures across much of Europe.

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