Denying 2000 years of the Medieval Warm Period, Little Ice Age on every continent

Every time I ask an Alarmist this simple question, I get a lot of garbled fiddle-faddle. They always insist the MWP was regional, yet they themselves are perfectly happy to use temperatures from a single measuring station beside a highway and close to an actual greenhouse vent in order to declare Climate Emergency. Now we know that the MWP was a global event and that it likely was quite a bit warmer than it is right now and all that with pre-industrial levels of CO2. If that’s no proof that CO2 is not a factor in climate development, what is? That alone should be quite a basis for damage claims for trillions in wasted research that found contrary plus the alternative energy investments that have been made with tons of taxpayer money. Its time we got active.

Here we go again. For five or so years believers didn’t really mention the Medieval Warm Period. Too bruised by the embarrassment of Hockey Stick Zombie failures. 

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