Electric Car Subsidies Hurt Middle Class Americans

3 quarters of working class Americans oppose subsidies for the purchasing habits of the wealthy. And people have understood by now tat it’s not them driving the fancy new E-Boy-Toys from Tesla and similar. It’s also not the average working class American that sports a fancy solar roof or that can afford to green wash his traveling habits by planting trees. Politicians of all stripes and all countries, this is a pool of voters you can dip into. But you won’t be allowed to cherry pick. Either you take all our issues and stand for all of us, or you will be kicked to the Wolves quicker than my son can break his new toys. Let the people have pain, and they will start supporting policies that get them away from it.

While cold weather, as a new AAA study reveals, can reduce the range of electric vehicles by roughly 40 percent, the prospect of being frozen out of its windfall from Washington kicked the industry’s lobbying team into overdrive this winter.

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