EVs Remain Much More Expensive Than Petrol Cars

It is pretty revealing to see that as soon as government incentives stat to go down, sales of EV’s are in free fall. Also, the real market for EV’s starts to be saturated. Yes, its the toy car category for those that can afford two o more cars. Because even the most ardent EV maniacs want to make sure that they have a functioning vehicle at their disposal when it’s not show off time but rather work time. Or fun time without the show-off. Let’s not forget, current EV prices still contain the effects of China’s predatory moves on the battery market. This will come to a halt as other issues take precedence and even in China money becomes a scarce resource. So, expect prices to rise. I have not even mentioned the potential for taxation on EV’s as its the case for ICE cars now. Fun times – aint they?

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