Global emissions must drop 55% by 2030 to meet climate goals

If we really follow the IPCC correctly, they really say that the developed world must cut emissions so much that the global emissions picture drops by 55%. because the biggest emitters with growing emissions are China and India an those have a pass from any reduction meaning that they can essentially blow whatever they want into the air and still label themselves as the greenies while the US with constantly dropping emissions and some of the cleanest air in a century is the bad boy on the block. But US voters are also taxpayers and they start to see where this leads. 2020 will be an interesting election as we might have the electorate prefer jobs and financial stability to economic strangulation. I don’t blame them.

After three years of holding steady, global greenhouse gas emissions rose by 1.1% this year. Clearly, this is not good. In a significant report released this fall, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change illustrated the urgent need to rein in global warming, and to essentially decarbonize global industries by 2050.

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