Global oil demand to grow to 108 MMbpd by 2030 despite “peak oil” outlook, Enverus reports

Does anyone remember when we passed the 100 MMbpd mark? That was in August 2018. That’s almost 6 years in the past. In the meantime, we had a global pandemic depressing economic activities everywhere and the world went into crisis mode and yet, we are not only past the mark but are closing in on 110 MMbpd. Quite a hike in such a short time I would say. Weren’t we supposed to shrink coal, oil, and gas to nothingness in a few years? What happened to our lofty goals? Or have people found out that doing so for real would be unacceptably hard for most of them? In the end, climate change is great when you never have to do anything for real aside from throwing trillions at useless projects and taxing everyone into oblivion. 

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