Guido Reader Solves Climate Crisis

Hell yeahh I would like that. I was always in favor of giving people exactly what they claim they want. Want Communism? Let’s make sure that you have to wait in line for a loaf of bread and some milk for 2 hours every day. Want Islamism? Get stripped of anything that reeks of modern amenities – your mobile phone first. Want to live the Climate Change Alarmist credo? Pay the full price for all those things and be interrupted when nature does not play ball. Those people spit at the system but they are all too happy to live off it. The Austrian Green party used a diesel bus for their election campaigning. They said that EV’s don’t give them the range they need and are hard to manage. No wonder they were kicked out of parliament during the last election.

The LibDems were one of the first parties to jump on board the “climate emergency” bandwagon, although they’ve not always managed to practice what they preach.

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