New Attempts To Erase The MWP & LIA

OK, we have a ton of science telling us that the MWP, the RWP, the LIA but also the Minoan Warm period and many others like them before are as real as a heart attack. But we have more, even better stuff. Old Roman tax records from Brittania show that wine was grown fa into the north of the island back then, try that today. It must have been warmer then. Ice probes from Greenland release grains, plants, and animals in hundreds and sometimes thousands of years old ice cores that could only have gotten there if those plants and animals lived there and they required a lot warmer climate, or the root trunks of birches and other trees in Greenland that cannot survive today, … Historians know how climates shifted, and they know the political ramifications of such climate change. Climate Change is a fact, it has been so for 4,5 billion years.

There have been many attempts to get rid of the Medieval Warming Period and Little Ice Age, and here’s another one:

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