Renewable Natural Gas Challenges “One-Size Fits All” Vision of Electrification

The terminology in energy has never been the smartest one. If we call methane from drilling into the Earth Natural gas, why don’t we call crude Natural Oil then? But the new word creations like Renewable Natural Gas are an obscenity in itself,. What happened to the old term biogas? Or biomethane if it’s defined up? Because if we go by the latest science, most methane from gas fields is not even fossil in nature. Its a renewable fuel as the vast majority of all methane is produced by abiotic processes between the Earth’s crust and the mantle. The planet is a huge methane-producing machine and this methane flows up to the surface and then into the atmosphere continuously where it is broken up into CO2 and water. Its the most natural of all circles and one without which we would all be dead by now. Let’s call a kettle by its name.

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