Shell predicts LNG market tightening

Sure, all the LNG thats being produced will always be absorbed. It’s just a matter of how low will the price go. There is always a buyer at the lowest, rock bottom price. Wait a minute – has Sghell not predicted that the market will be in shortfall 2 or 3 years ago? nd now we are in the worst bout of oversupply for more than a decade, or two? We are in oversupply and we are going to remain in oversupply for a while. The LNG market does not grow as fast as it should – to my personal dismay. China was the big hope of all LNG produces and it’s big, but not quite as big as they had hoped. LNG producers would need to engage in some old fashioned market development. Most just duck and hope this might blow over and the high prices come back by magic.

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