Stabilis increases LNG deliveries to US space industry

Choosing methane as a fuel was one of the smartest things Elon could have done for his Starship rocket. He likely knows fully well what the Merlin engines look like after a launch and alternatively can see how incredibly clean methane burns. That’s good for the gear. There are a whole slew of other reasons why this was a good idea but there still is one problem that awaits solution. Once Starships want to lift off every week or more often, Starbase will need hundreds of LNG truckloads to refill the tank base every day. But Starbase is situated right at the end of the Intercoastal Channel in Brownsville and hence, all LNG production capacity on the USGC could be at his disposal if he had the right kind of transport. Barging LNG, new but not challenging. Use what you have. 

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