Texas Pipeline Protesters Could Face 10 Years in Prison

Since when is the destruction of someone else’s property “free speech”? Why is it OK to terrorize others that just want to live their lives? Free Speech means that you are free to express your opinion AND that I am free to NOT listen to it if this is what I chose to do. If you terrorize me or vandalize anyone’s property in order to get my attention, you are a criminal as you take away my free volition to ignore your every word if I deem that to be in my best interest. You steal, you defraud, you coerce by illicit means and that cannot be free speech. That’s a criminal endeavor and as it must be premeditated plus also mostly organized in an organization that has as its reason to be the execution of such criminal acts, it should logically be punished harder than simple theft or fraud. If you use a bullhorn in order blast my house with your crap, you are not exercising free will. You are a criminal and as a criminal, you shall be dealt with.

Oil pipeline protesters who interrupt operations or damage equipment could face up to 10 years in prison under legislation approved by Texas lawmakers.

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