Trudeau’s Rival Pledges Energy Independence by 2030

There is a growing sense that the current Climate and energy madness will not only cost us very dearly, but it might also even ruin us. people usually don’t care for the costs of the system that they perceive as inalterable. Until the systemic cost gets so high that their very basis for a living is in danger. And when the prospect of blackouts and vehicles that only the very rich can afford tops it off, then people throw a switch. It has happened in the US, it has happened in Brazil, it’s growing in multiple European countries and Canada is not immune. It’s not aliens living there but regular living beings just like in any other country and as human beings, they are susceptible to pain. Canada might be Trumps new best friend.

Canada’s opposition Conservatives, leading in the polls ahead of October elections, will seek to make the country oil independent within 10 years if they win power, the party’s leader said Thursday.

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